Make available Comands for Groupmembers available for whole group (to send them to whole Group)

Not totally sure if this belongs to HABPanel, but there I found a solution I want to adopt into generell semantic group:

Inside my semantic model I have groupt 5 items with the following stati:
The group is combining their values with min or max (average makes no sense)

Inside HABPanel I can Ignore the given source values (even because I guess the group will not provide) and define them by my own like shown.

That is fine so far for HABPanel, but may it be possible to make it available out of the box via semantic?

Err, what exactly?

On the defining features of openHAB Group Items is that if you send the Group Item a command (from UI or rule) it is cascaded to all member Items.

I’m not sure I completely understand what you are asking either. But if I assume what you want is to show a Group’s state on MainUI but send a command only to one specific member of that Group I can offer the following.

First none of this has anything to do with the semantic model. So just avoid going down that though process.

What you are after then is to have a widget that shows the state from one Item (your Group) and sends a command to another Item (i.e. one of the members of that Group). That’s easy enough. You have almost full control over how the widgets are displayed. So you can very easily show the state of one Item and configure the Action to command a different Item. A lot of the more interesting widgets on the Marketplace will combine the display and commanding of lots of Items into one widget.

To define how the Item appears in the Overview tab cards, you’ll need to set the Default List Item Widget on the Item.