Maker Fair Hamburg Nov. 16. + 17.2019 - Cancelled

As Stefan has already described in another post - Berlin was a blast. On Nov. 16. & 17. the Maker Fair is in Hamburg.

So let us show that Hamburg can be a blast too.

Call for Makers end by the end of September. Until then, we should have formed a strong team for the maintenance of our booth at the Maker Fair Hamburg.

So, who wants to attend the openHAB booth two days in November, answer countless questions and have fun along the way?

Get in touch here in the forum or via PM to me.



Thank you for beeing the man with the hat :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

sad news from the Maker Fair. The Maker fair in Hamburg is cancelled due to the lack of sponsors.

So thanks you for your support


This delay gives us the change to setup all required materials.


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Thanks for the information. :+1: