Maker Faire Hannover

Maker Faire Berlin was a blast. THERE is our target group. People went to our booth and say “thank you openHAB. I want to thank you in person for your work.” Imagine: they thank me <- a non dev for OUR work -> YOU.

So in my little world, we (as the OH-Community) have to be there -> Maker Faire Hannover (17.-18. August 2019) <- the biggest, best and oldest Maker Faire in germany.

BUT: we need you! A person near or from Hannover to be the one wearing the hat - to make this event happen.

Is there anyone nearby Hannover who want’s to wear the hat? If so -> (Deadline is 30. Juni 2019)

If you need help or have no clue if you’re the right person, because of questions … give me a ping and i will assist you.

Cheers (believing in you)