Manage Devices

Hi all,

at the moment I´m working on a generator which can generate my items, sitemap & partly rules based on an excel sheet with all my knx devices.
It´s quite propitary and clumsy, truth to tell :frowning:

Just wanted to ask if you guys know, if there is some management tool out there where you can manage all your devices (not just knx) with a web interface and perhaps extend this with plugins (e.g for generating openhab site elements)

Is there something like that out there ?

Many thanks and greetings,


HABmin might be just the thing you are looking for:


thanks for your answer.
First, I´m afraid it´s not …
I rather thought about a management tool with which i can manage all properties like binding (e.g if knx i have to store the group address, etc.) with items with REST calls i have to store url´s and so on …

HABmin doesn´t work very good (here) either,
Some parts (like persistence) doesn´t show correctly

So, it´s not the thing I´m looking for :frowning:

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