Managing Rolling shutters through "Standard Switches"

I’m looking for suggestions to implement a rolling shutter solution.

My hardware is a PLC, so I’m using modbus binding. The motors are connected to digital outputs: every rolling shutter has a Digital Output for going UP and a Digital output for going down. Every rolling shutter has also 2 Digital inputs: one for up and one for down. Every RS has its own time (more or less 10 secs) to go completely ud and down.

I’d like to control the RS both via UI and via phisical buttons.

Is there someone who can post here its ideas (if there is one already) please ?

My doubts start from chosing the correct item (Rollershutter or Dimmer) through rules (managing together physical and UI inputs and avoiding that Outputs for UP and down are activated simoultaneusly) to persistence (the position in % of the RS should be stored).

Any suggestion is appreciated, thank you

I try to reduce the problem a little bit … maybe it’s easier to solve …

From demo rules a reproduced a dimmer, starting from that rule (copied here below):

rule “Dimmed Light”
Item DimmedLight received command
var Number percent = 0
if(DimmedLight.state instanceof DecimalType) percent = DimmedLight.state as DecimalType

    if(receivedCommand==INCREASE) percent = percent + 5
    if(receivedCommand==DECREASE) percent = percent - 5

    if(percent<0)   percent = 0
    if(percent>100) percent = 100
    postUpdate(DimmedLight, percent);


I should code what follows:

  1. make it persistent
  2. translate the % of change in the dimmer in number of seconds that a switch gets status ON

with dimmer I’m encountering also other small problems with UI updates and status only 0 and 100% but this is (for me) secondary

… and … thanks again :slight_smile:

another small step ahead can be made with this:

now the problem is how to manage together phhisical and logical digital input …

I hope I’ll post here the solution soon :slight_smile: