Manual binding install not working OH2.2

Hi all please help

running OH on win, i switched to a new system and took all my config with me…
all is working great but one binding i installed by myself and not from Paper UI

the binding is the RMx from Cato

my issue is…
i am not able to see the binding even that i put in addons folder
please help!

where do you expect to see the binding?

does it show up on the OH2 console with:

bundle:list -s

Hi no it is not there is the list

  1. i took the file
  2. put in add-ons folder
  3. power on OH
  4. go to paper ui

Excepted: to see bidining

Actual: nothing in paper or bundle:list -s

are you placing the org.openhab.binding.broadlink-2.2.0-BETA2.jar in the C:\openHAB2\userdata\addons\ folder?

How large is the *.jar file? (it should be: 56.877 bytes)

if it doesn’t show up with bundle:list -s it is not being loaded so something is wrong with the jar

  1. there is no addons under user data…
  2. the jar is fine its in my other system that is working
  3. maybe i need JDK and not JRE?

correct :slight_smile: it should be C:\openHAB2\addons\

no need for JDK

monitor the logs for errors

no erros reg this bundle :frowning:
is there anywhy to clean OH, as this sys was ported from another PC
maybe some links needs to linked again

backup the existing C:\openHAB2\ folder, download a clean zip of 2.3.0 stable and start copying over stuff step by step

oh shit here we go again :slight_smile:
i will try thanks

btw i deployed the org.openhab.binding.broadlink binding on a test windows system running 2.3.0 stable and it was loaded immediately

i was working like a chram for me also …
not sure what happend

i used the DOC mehtod for update
There is currently no automatic update script for Windows. To update manually, download a later version of the openHAB distribution zip file and follow these steps:

Stop the openHAB process if it is currently running.

Backup openHAB as described above.

Delete the following files and folders from your existing install:

and this is the only thing not working… maybe i shuld have uninstalled it before i did mig…
can you tell me how to do that?

to uninstall a manually deployed binding, simply delete the *.jar file from the addons folder (and restart OH2, or better: stop,delete,start)

after start, check with bundle:list -s

deleted jar

but still can see it active under list

did you restart OH2?

yes …
i found a way to uninstall bidning from console

bundle:uninstall (number of the bidning)

will this work ?

yes, of course
removing the jar should do it also… (it works on my system)

did both and ported system again to the new computer from the old :frowning:

@Cato_Sognen please please if you can help here i am using this for my all house

i did it the dirty way…
took the entire folder and its working…

with allot of erros and warinings… hope i will be able to troubleshoot all