Manual Daikin Binding 2.5.0 installation not working on 2.4.0

Hi There,

I’m trying to install the 2.5 Daikin Binding using OH 2.4.

When placing the jar in /usr/share/openhab2/addons nothing happens. Not even an error message.

Any suggestions?

You restarted OH? Did you uninstall any 2.4 binding first?

Yes, I’ve restarted OH. And there is no 2.4 Binding for daikin :frowning:

I have been running 2.5M2 stably since it was released. 2,5M3 is now current. I am bit sure when the daikin binding was introduced, but if it was after 2.5M1 I would not necessarily expect it to work with 2.4, There were too many changes integrating ESH to expect it to work on 2.4, IMO.

I am working on stabilizing my Z-Wave network before moving to 2.5M3.

I had a look and it seems that the 2.5.0 add-ons are no longer compatible with 2.4.0 because we switched the XML namespaces from Eclipse SmartHome to openHAB.

When I switch these back for the Daikin Binding (see this commit) it shows Things again. So you could try this org.openhab.binding.daikin-2.5.0-SNAPSHOT.jar to see if it properly works. :slight_smile:

No it isn’t related to 2.5.0. I tested it on my 2.4.0 system and fixed it. It’s due to the indentation of the tags in the xmls: :smile:

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Thank you so much. Will watch the issue on GitHub. Will there be an automatic build by Travis or do I need to build it myself?

The pr has been merged. So the jar file will be available in the next snapshot build.

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Thank you so much @hilbrand