Manual tranfer of things/items/rules to new instance of Openhab

Platfrom RPI4b 8gb
Zwave via AEOTEC stick gen 5

hello, i am kinda stuck with a technical issue and the only solution I can technically think of is to rebuild by Openhab fully manually (not based on backup)


during my upgrade from 3 to 4, due to an old RPI version, the transfer/upgrade “broke” the system due to java. I managed to login and run / create a backup locally (remote died) and used this to “restore” configuration to a 4.0 rebuild.

this is where things went so so. first and I dont know if this is good or bad actually, the restore moves some folders around here and there - so it seems messy - as if the v3 is aplied over 4 (again it works so who am i to say) .

I had an issue mainly though with one of my bindings/ IP camera. for some reason which i cant solve there is a declining amount of memory if the binding is activated and (about 15 cameras) are accessed. the memory declines until the system crashes within 24hours or so. I have tried removing ffmpeg but nothing happens. only “killing” the bindings allows the system to behave as wanted. So i am starting to think that it is something i am "carrying from my previous install and maybe a basic rebuild would be better.

in an ideal scenario i would tranfer my things/rules/habpanel/items through a basic file tranfer “folder copy” and then rebuild the ipcamera setup which although a little tedius is the next step i am going to try on a clean install of 4 since it doesnt need all my bits and pieces.

I have read around and there are many answer probably understood by more technical people than myself when it come to linux. I think it is doable, there maybe rights issues to the folder i will need to deal with but i would love anyone who has done something like this to offer some advice.

so assume i start with a fresh 4.0 install how easily can i fully restore the basics?
The good thing is I have time as i have an available RPI to rebiuld while my main system is still working

thanks in advance

I was having some issues on my 3.4 builds. I did not want to move those issues forward to 4.0. So I started from scratch on my spare RPI. This helped tremendously and all the issues I had before did not come back. I did have some new issues due to changes in bindings and rules, but it was worth the effort. 5 remote RPIs, 1 master RPI with 110 things, 486 items and 147 rules.
It may be worth the effort. Good Luck.

Well yes, v that’s what a restore does. It reopened what ever is currently configured with what’s in the backup.

More likely us there is a new memory leak introduced in OH 4. You should find an issue. I don’t responding l rebuilding will change this.

But starting over can be a way to clean things up and improve your overall config. So it’s not a bad idea over all

All confuse created in the UI are stored in the userdata folder. Mostly in the jsondb folder under userdata.

But you don’t need to rebuild everything is all you want to do is start over with the IP camera building. You can delete the Things and then recreate them to get the same result.

Rich i will try the rebuild via deleting the cameras first. no reason not to actually since i am not actually loosing something.

What was strange for me was how the folders of the 4.0 card changed completely when i did the restore. have a look at the before and after - this is why i was concerned if something restored was causing some of the issues.

do you know the best way to just restore items/model/rules? is there a way to just copy paste files? Bindings i can reinstall so it would save lots of time to do it this way?

The backup created by openhab-cli or openHABian is a zip file. You can open that and extract only those files you want. You’ll want to look in the userdata/jsondb folder.

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I did a fresh install of OH4 and copied the files to the OH4 from a backup of OH3.
It worked fine.

Ownership of files is no big deal just run:

sudo openhab-cli reset-ownerhip

If you don’t know much about Linux then this option may not be for you.
It wasn’t too hard to do but it is not guaranteed to work. I was lucky?