Manually install a Binding - Dependencies Problem?

Hi Community :slight_smile:
I have openhab on a Pi3 (Raspbian Install). I am interested in the Xiaomi Mi Home Binding which is not available in the normal Add on Page at the moment. It is located here :

I downloaded the .jar and put it into the addons-Folder.

Karaf Console: bundle:list says
195 | Active | 80 | | Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Binding

But it does not show up in my PaperUI-Add-ons List. Is it a Dependencies Problem? How can i make it appear? Thank you!

As long as it is “active” I would just test the binding if it works …

it is not active. i can only see it in the console, it doesnt show up in the bindings list. so i cant test anything. that is my problem.

I have only tested 1.x bindings through /addons folder, but as long as it is “active” (and it shows active on your karaf console) I would just proceed with adding the gateway according to the instructions …

Go to PaperUI -> Configurations -> Things and hit the “+” sign, then the binding name should show up and you can try to autodiscover your Mi Home things.
Make sure you have successfully performed all the required steps before (adding gateway, installing app, …)

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Whoa, thank you so much. i was always looking in Add-ons -> Bindings -> for the xiaomi binding which never showed up.
it shows up under things. didnt knew that. solved my problem. thank you so much!
(and it works perfectly :wink: )