Manually Installing Addons?

I’m trying to install the following Addon manually so that I can get my OpenHAB 3 install working with my Ring Doorbell:

I got the info from this page: Ring Binding port from 2.5 to 3.x version - Add-ons / Bindings - openHAB Community

Others have said they have this working. As far as I can tell from the docs, all I need to do is add the Jar file to the following location (which I’ve done, and set openhab as the Owner):


I’ve then restarted the OpenHAB Service, and I thought I should then be able to start adding Things from the Binding page (I believe the Binding doesn’t show as installed when added this way, but you can still use it to add Things).

However, I can’t see anything under Bindings for this Addon when trying to add a Thing. Nothing in the Logs either.

What am I doing wrong, or what else do I need to do?


Go to GUI THING, then click + sign in the lower bottom right corner to add a THING. You will NOT see the Ring binding in the GUI binding section when you manually drop it in the add-on’s.

Here’s a pic of my add-on’s directory with the ring binding.

Here’s a pic of adding a Ring THING:

Here’s a pic of Ring options:

Best, Jay

Thanks for the quick response Jay.

I’m very familiar with how to add Things and Bindings generally, just couldn’t get this manual one to work. When I click to add Things on my instance, the Ring Binding isn’t there:

The Jar file is also the only file in my Addons directory:

Another difference from yours is I don’t have the Json Simple Addon that you have (and the original post references) - I’ll add that now and see if that makes a difference.


OK that worked - once the dependency is there, I can now connect to Ring and add my Things. My bad for not including the dependencies :frowning:

Thanks for your help again Jay.