Manually register devices on myopenhab?

The title says it all, is there a way to manually register devices on if they refuse to do so automatically? I’ve got a couple of devices that won’t register so I can’t send notifications to just them. Seems to be a semi persistent problem over the years but none of the solutions(if there were any) in the old threads had any effect for me. These devices can access the openhab instance remotely without isse. They just won’t register and get an assigned id.

There isn’t a two device limit is there for one instance of openhab on I just realized that I’ve logged in with several other devices remotely in the past and none of them show up in the device list either…

I can’t help with the root problem but I’m pretty confident there isn’t a limit on devices.

I didn’t figure so but that was the only thing I could come up with. Thanks for the input though!

From what I remember mobile applications call registration endpoint when launched, there is no strict control of it. Do you know device registration uri?

I do not, how do I go about finding that?

Look for related sources

I had the problem with the registration, too. In my case the problem was worsened because I have 3 different myopenhab instances in the app and only one was able to register as a device.

The hint, that the registration of apps is done on the initial loading of the app helped to solve the problem.

I had to set each of my myopenhab instances as primary one after the other and close the app in the app manager on android. Then open the app and the registration was done for each instance.

I know that this is the intended behavior of the app, I called it “problem” out of convenience. I hope you don’t mind :wink:

I will give that a try!