Many OpenHabs by one admin

I have 3 my smart home where installed OpenHab system.
How I must admining it in one place? is one OpenHab = one account.
App OpenHab in android = is too. One acc = one OpenHab.

It is very uncomfortable!!!
What is the solution?

I guess you misunderstood the concept.
There is no such thing as an “account” inside OH.
1 home = 1 openHAB instance = 1 server = 1 (UNIX) account for administration

If you have multiple persons to use the same OH instance and want to present them with a different UI representation each (say of their room and/or devices they are supposed to use via GUI), then create individual sitemaps for each of them.

I have 3 house.
Why I must enter another login and pass in android app?
I login in my flat, admining it in app.
I driving to cottage.
I want open garage door.
And I want to see item states of cottage while riding.
Enter another login and pass - is very uncomfortable!!!

Oh dear, you’re at the very beginning of your smart home ventures, aren’t you ?

Since you’re only asking “Why I must enter another login and pass in android app?”, the answer to that is:
Because you’ve setup your system that way.
Almost everybody is using that setup because it is fine for 99% of all OH use cases.
But it is definitely not the only way you can setup OH.
There’s many solutions to make this work the way you want it. You can run a single OH instance to cover all of your houses or you can run 3 instances and synchronize item states among OH instances using MQTT.
You can setup some web proxy to do authentication, redirection, … well, in short there’s a lot of solutions.
But it’s your own job to select/build one of these.

PS: home automation isn’t about interactive control via app, it is about automation
PPS: and your wording isn’t that well suited if you want others to help you

I want that in app and on myopenhab_org I can select witch home I need

It doesn’t exist. You can rework your system as Markus suggests (e.g. one central OH instance) or you can implement the changes necessary to OH, openHAB Cloud, and the phone apps to do what you want.

I’m actually curious myself how this would be setup to use 1 OH instance controlling 3 separate physical locations…

ie. If you have Zwave devices in all 3 locations, how do you set up a controller to communicate? Wouldn’t you need a zwave controller onsite at each location and then somehow send that controller information back to a central OH install?

In app and on site must be opportunity to change the home

Look at the MQTT Eventbus.

You don’t. The OH instances communicate with each other over MQTT. So when your zwave motion sensor reports an event the local zwave Item updates. The Item updates get published as an MQTT message. The central OH has the same Item and it gets updated from the message.

Yes, see above.

There isn’t. It doesn’t exist. It is currently impossible.

If you want or need this then you will have to implement this and submit a PR or find someone to implement it for you and submit a PR.

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What does “PR” mean?

Is it planned to introduce it in the future?

PR means you or someone writes code and submits it to be included into the OH baseline.

There is no one working on such a feature as far as I’m aware.

If I log in into OH home1 - I don’t receive notifications from OH home2 : (