MAP embeded in HTML

Hi Guys

I’m quite new to OH2 but making good progress :slight_smile: Anyway there is one thing you can maybe help me with.

I’m trying to use a map to translate from English to German and this is working great in the BasicUI

String  ConditionTime1  "Morgen [MAP($tA]"      <weather> (gWeather)  {weather="locationId=home, forecast=1, type=condition, property=observationTime"}

I have also a HTML site and I’m trying to do the same but I have no clue about the right syntax


Gives me the right day name but in English not as needed in German

I tried things like this:


But that’s not working :frowning:

Any Idea


I assume this is with using the weather 1.x binding? So possibly two things to check is the language set properly in the your weather.cfg file.


But your also referencing the ObservationTime, which is a DateTime format. Do you want to change something there? I’m uncertain if the NTP binding is affected, but did you set the default language in OH2 to German?

Yes, binding is version 1.10 and language is set right.
ObservationTime together with forecast(x) helps me to receive the name of the forecast day.

As mentioned this is working fine in the BasicUI already.