MAP / HABPanel have changed since 2.5 upgrade


I have been using MAP with HABPanel since 2.2/2.3 and not had any issues with it. Over the weekend I upgraded to 2.5 (and moved from RPi to docker)

I now have this:

The map has worked but HABPanel is also showing the description of the item.
Has anyone else seen this? I’ve removed and readded the binding. Same effect.


String MapTestString "Test - [MAP(]"
Number MapTestNumber "Test - [MAP(]"

1=Value is number one
3=Value is number three
ONE=Value is string one
THREE=Value is string three


The above test works. The UPS example has not changed since I first created the panel around a 18 months ago.

Anyone else got this?


Well, it seems the default behaviour has changed?
If I untick the “Use Server provided formatting” setting it works as it should.

Pretty sure I have not changed this as part of the upgrade yesterday…

In PaperUI you’ll find it like this:

OH 2.4 shows the translated value


OH 2.5.x shows “raw value”

it’s not a big deal though as PaperUI is not designed as THE UI