Map/Location issue

Hi everyone,

Just need bit of advice.

How to setup location on map correctly?

I`m using configuration from demo house for it (sitemap + items).

Its showing default location, how to change it so it updates to my current location. This is what I can see at the moment - Berlin, miles away.

Do I need any additional binding to detect my location?

I`m including configuration below:


Frame label="Map/Location" {
				Mapview item=DemoLocation height=10


/* Locations */
Location DemoLocation			"Brandenburg Gate Berlin"

Yes you do, how do you itend openHAB to know where you are? Mobile phone, GPS tracker? There are different possibilities

Hi Vincent,

I thought that I display location of my server at home which is connected to home network. Assuming I will need some soft of binding for that?

No you need to define your location in the item:
Create a rule:

rule MapMyLocation
  Item System started
  var PointType home = new PointType("your home's lat,long")
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HI Vincent,

Thanks , this works now when accessing OH2 via web browser (Classic UI or Basic UI)

However when I visit the same section on my mobile phone OH2 app location is not shown.

Is there a limitation of the app for mobile phone ? Or do I need to enable something else ?

What mobile do you use?
iPhone or android?

I use iPhone


Time to get a better phone… :wink:

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Thanks Vincent that’s explains. I probably will get android phone as soon Im out of contract.