Map widget-table cells to items

Hi, I’m not shure what’s the right category for that.
I try to explain my use case, and my actual solution. But I’m not shure if this is the best or
correct solution. Maybe someone have better ideas.

In a custom-widget I have a table ( f7 rows and cols ). Inside every cell there
is a input item ( oh-input, or f7-input).
Every row ( 7 for every weekday) has 3 or 4 cols.
Every col stands for a state of the heating regulator.
So I want to control the heating state for a room in diffrent time areas.
( Morning (07:00-09:00), Heat 21.0 C, Day (09:00-17:00), EnergySave, 19 C, Evening… and so on.
So I have 7x4 inputs.

My solution was to create a proxy-string item, map all the cells to that string item, and
if i press the button, update this string item and trigger a rule.

Does anyone knows an other solution?
Is there a way to map table cells to an Oh-item?

Tutorials and solutions is really for presenting providing examples of your own solutions to things, not for requesting advice. I’ve moved this to the UIs category.

Not natively, no. You need an input component of some form. An html table cell is just a formatting/positioning element, it is not really intended for interactive upload of information.

I would say you’ve found the best option at the moment, unless you want to use each individual input’s send button (but I can see this being a little tedious). This option gives you the most control over what you send.

Think about it this way: suppose you were to directly link the input value to an item. Each time the input changed the item would get another command. So if a value in that input started at 20 and you wanted to change it to 18, you’d highlight the value and either delete it (which would then make the input empty and probably send an “undefined” command to the item which would almost certainly generate an error) or just start to type 18. If you just started to type your item would first get a command “1” and then a command “18” in rapid succession with possibly unpredictable results.

You really want a way to give the user control over when the input value should be read to the item state and that means one more click somewhere. It’s just a matter of personal preference if that is a send button in each box or a single button at the bottom that sets of the string item → rule cascade.

Yes you’re thoughts are correct with inputting values , generating errors and so on.
That’s the Reason why I use this proxy string Item.

But I was interested if I did not see any other solution or may Google will not find it.
That was the reason for this Post

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