Mapdb - howto

I’m running OH2 and have installed the mapdb persistence addon.

However, I see nothing about storing the states and is also does not restore them on restart.
Do I need to install something extra in the OS?

All I need to do is get my states to be remembered. I’ve built a sprinkler system using a Pi but running on a 500mA USB PSU which restarts the Pi as soon as the 8th relay latches. This makes any further programming impossible. Every change on the items file causes the Pi to restart which causes a further 6min delay while I wait for everything to start up.

I even looked into using Logging (log file driven state storage which would be perfectly fine)

Try the troubleshooting section in the wiki:

I may be wrong, but I believe that the recommended minimum power supply would be 1A for a PI2 and more for a PI3. Below that you are prone to a whole series of weird errors as the system can turn unstable. But I take it you have good reasons as you mentioned the 500mA and the power outages explicitly.

Thanks. I saw that before but now I’m trying to debug the persistence now

It’s a Pi 1 with no RJ45. Hold fine with 2 relays and that’s all i need it for. Pump and zone.