MapDB RestoreOnStartup does not work - item is stored as 0?

I have the problem that an item is not restored on startup.

I activated DEBUG for the persistence logger and so that the item is always stored as ‘0’, why?


01:50:19.349 [INFO ] [marthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - heizung4_percentage changed from 0 to 84
01:50:19.350 [DEBUG] [pdb.internal.MapDBPersistenceService] - Stored 'heizung4_percentage' with state '0' in mapdb database
01:50:19.511 [DEBUG] [pdb.internal.MapDBPersistenceService] - store called for heizung4_percentage

Item configuration:

Dimmer heizung4_percentage "Leistung" (grosses_Bad)


Strategies {
	default = everyChange 

Items {
	* : strategy = everyUpdate, restoreOnStartup

karaf console:

openhab> > heizung4_percentage
heizung4_percentage (Type=DimmerItem, State=84, Label=Leistung, Category=null, Groups=[grosses_Bad])

It is solved in the latest snapshot release (I used beta4 before).