Mapped Switch State Visibility in sitemap

Hi, is it possible not to see the on/off state of a switch I mapped?

Yep. In your label, you have to specify that there’s no output.

label="PC Dell []"

You can do this in the item or in the sitemap.

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Perfect…thank you! I’m going to ask another question. If I just want to see the current state of the buttons I’ve mapped? Do I have to use the visibility function?

Can you see one is “lit” and the other isn’t? The UI widget does that for you.

Sitemap visibility is about showing/hiding whole lines.

That is clear, but I was wondering if there was a way to visualise only the current state…

As you supressed the unwanted state display with an empty state presentation [], you would use one with with content to produce a display.
[%s] is pretty bulletproof.

You could create a String item and use rules to change the text and display that in a sitemap.

Text item=Tv_state icon="screen" label="[%s]"