Mapping of "number item" i HABPanel? [SOLVED]

Hi all,

I have used basic UI and am now try make it all look good in HABPanel:slight_smile:

My issue i’m hoping for assistance with:
Currently I have a number item

Number    HouseDummy           "Mode"             <moon>

Used to alternate between different “house modes”. (Goodnight,Home, away, alarm ON)
In the sitemap it is like this:

Switch item=HouseDummy icon="presence" label="House" mappings=[0="Goodnight", 1="Normal", 2="Away", 3="Alarm ON"]

That gives me 4 buttons, where I can change between the different modes.
Can anyone help me with the “generic” code for a multi button widget that can simulate that??
I have found examples for dropdowns etc. but that is not quite what im looking for…
Thank you very much for any assistance.

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Have you tried the Selection widget? I use it for exactly the same use case.