Mapview and webview broken on iPhone


I’m using basicUI on Chrome and the iOS app on iPad and iPhone

mapview and webview are working fine on Chrome and iPad but not on iPhone

I assume this is a bug, but maybe someone has a workaround


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The video, web and map widgets don’t work at all on the iPhone app, and the image widget is bugged (doesn’t always refresh). Plus an annoying bug loses connection when moving from Wi-fi to mobile internet and vice versa.

Hard to complain for something we don’t pay for, but the iPhone app is not in great shape.

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Ok thanks. At least I know it is not my configuration

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I have experienced the same: the Webview and Mapview are both correctly displayed on Android, on the Web Frontend, but not within iOS. For the Webview I have worked around this issue by providing the full URL. e.g. I changed url="/mypage" to url=“http://<ip-of-my-local-openhab-server>:8080/mypage”.

The downside with this approach is, that the Webview is only displayed within my local network. Maybe this peace of information helps either working around this issue or even fixing it.

All the best, Florian.

it’s not a bug - they’re simply not functions in the iOS app, unfortunately. After being annoyed by this for ages, I’ve dealt with it by abandoning the app and instead using a safari link saved to the home screen, with nginx providing https and a client side certificate providing security (so I don’t need to type the password each time). It’s a bit slower than the app, but prettier and bug-free.

You’d have been better off getting a real phone :laughing:

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Sounds like you’re just the man to get the app to work on my Nokia 3310

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@dan12345 that’s true, it does work in Safari and all other browsers I know. Having said that, I might consider changing the full URI back to a local URI.

By the way: there is no need to make your own openHAB server speaking HTTPS. You can use the openHAB cloud service for that. Both, the Mapview and the Webview work very reliably on it.

I’m paranoid about relying on clouds.

Hello everyone,
at this time, the Image, mapview and Video items on ios app do not work correctly.
are there some fixes planned in the near future or is the ios app not important enough?

regards, ralph

there aren’t enough devs working on it, unfortunately… so seems unlikely it will ever really improve unless we’re lucky enough that an iphone developer joins the project.

Thank You Dan!
That does not sound good.
Unfortunately, I’m just a Windows developer. I’m not that experienced in the IOS environment …

But I think the IOS app is an important pillar for the adoption of OpenHAB. Hopefully the problem will be solved soon.

Thanks Ralph

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