MapView with multiple locations?

Playing around with the iCloud binding on OH2.2 I would like to show more than one location on a map (MapView in sitemap) instead of having one map for each iOS device.

I tried grouping location items and using MapView with the group - but no luck.

Have anyone successfully done this ? - and will share an example ?

Hi Martin,

unfortunately that is not that easy yet; but maybe the following example will help you to get started:

Please note that this only works with basic UI; but not the applications as far as I know.

with kind regards,

OK Thanks. I decided to drop the iCloud binding again due to battery-issues with some of my iOS devices. I had the refresh fairly low because my intention was to use it for presense detection (turn on light when someone comes home, turn on alarm when all have left etc.) - but have decided to opt out of iCloud with OH for now - and stick to LAN/MAC presence detection…