Marketplace: SmartHome/J TCP/UDP Binding missing

Hello all,

I’ve just updated my setup from openHAB 3.3.0 to 3.4.1 on Windows 10 with Java Zulu 11.

With the older version the SmartHome/J TCP/UDP is included in the marketplace. However, with the new version this binding does not show up in the marketplace.

When I tried this yesterday I always got an error 403 that the marketplace is not available. Probably this was due to the software upgrade of the openHAB web site. Today I don’t see any errors or warnings in the debug log.

When I use the search function with the keyword “SmartHome” it doesn’t give the desired result either.

So my question is where I can find and how I can install this binding.

Thank you very much.


Go this way:

Did you set the 3rd party link via Main UI?

Main UI → Administration->Settings->System Services->JSON 3er party Add-Ons-> add to the URLs (if already set some other URL, add it with a | between the other URLs)

Current Version of Smarthome/J is 3.2.15 (take a look at GitHub - smarthomej/addons: SmartHome/J addons for openHAB and go through the readme for detailed information about upgrade)

Thank you very much! After setting this link the binding becomes available.
Thanks again!