Mary TTS - English Tempo is too slow (German sounds OK)

I’m running OH2 / Mary TTS on a Windows 10 Intel Compute Stick rendering to Chromcast. It works well, but the tempo of the English Voice is too slow. While I don’t speak German, the tempo of the two German Voices sounds OK. Is there a way of adjusting the Tempo (or another config item like sample rate) ?

PS - I did find this post that suggested the slow English Voice was commented on but it was from a few years ago where the sample rates of the German was fixed to slow their tempo down - Sonos ... Audio Sink ... Say?.

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This worked a few weeks, only. I had to compile my own Mary TTS JAR file afterwards. It worked for a while then, but after introducing 2.5.0 stable release (or some weeks earlier) the dependencies to my compiled JAR filed were gone.

I have not investigated this further. Btw, I’m tired of opening an issue because of that. It seems that it runs on Linux but does not run on Windows or it runs on a Raspi CPU but does not run on an Intel CPU.

P.S.: The issue #2340 is still open.

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FYI - I moved my openHAB from the ComputeStick to a i9 Server. Same thing, I’ve still got drunk Mary so it is not limitations on compute power.