MaryTTS stops to talk early / Onkyo Audio sink

Hello all

I am using a RazpberryPi 3 / Openhabian OH 2.1 I am still a OH newbie -so please excuse stupid questions, I could not find anyting related.

After a bit of fiddeling and reading this board (thanks) I got my Onkyo TX-NR 626 to work as an audio sink.

In Karaf console I can play without any problems doorbell.mp3- that is however slighty delayed like 3-5 seconds.
The AVR does switch the active input to DNLA, and after a LONG-ish wait the expected “DingDong” sounds.

If I put a Say (“wahtever blahblah”) in my rules- it gets triggered and the AVR switches to DLNA and the MaryTTS starts talking, but then aborts during the first one or second word.

Is there any setting that I need to change, or why is that happening? Seems wierd,as it basically works, but not quite right.

Do you have any ideas what to check for?

Thanks for helping me!

Have you tried using instead of Mary?

Thanks- I have not tried that yet. Will do once I tamed my new E3DC and have that running.
Will let you know.