Massive Problems after a reboot


after some changes on my items file and rules I thought its a good idea to do a reboot (after half a year).
I should not have done it.

I am Running openhabian 1.4.1-413 on a Raspberry pi 3.
I found that the logs were flooded with http responses I do to request the status of some of my devices (Alarm system, car e.g.).
I removed the rules doing these requests and it got better (less flooding).

Then I had a look into the karaf console and found loads of Bindings to be stuck in the state “Resolved” or “Waiting”.

Of course I could start the bindings manually, but I guess there is something wrong.
I am a little lost about how to proceed.
(I did stop OH, deleted the cache and tmp …) but it did not help,

For instance I get:

2018-09-04 16:27:27.242 [ERROR] [ntime.internal.engine.RuleEngineImpl] - Rule 'TeleEye Motion Monitoring': H != java.lang.String

I never saw this error before.

Try the following:

  • rename your *.rules files to something different than *.rules.
  • restart openHAB
  • wait until it is fully started
  • rename your files back to *.rules

Or have a look here:

Hi Joachim,

Thanks for your help and suggestions.
I will try that and keep you posted.

Hi Joachim,

this really helped - thanks a lot for this approach.

However, I would like to know (avoid) the root cause in the future.
Because I am obviously braindamaged by using windows for too long I thought a restart is always a good thing.

Do you think your approach (moverules in the other thread) will prevent this from happening (or at least reduce the risk)?
Or is there another common reason for a hickup of this kind?

I am not sure if i understand your question.

The root cause is the rules engine starting too early and interfering with the startup of the other components.

I am using this apporach (the variant with overriding the service file) since several months with more or less no problems during restart.

Two weeks ago, i moved openHAB to a different server and forgot to apply the service override. And guess what, openHAB wasn’t available after restarting.

What is exactly the question?


thanks for your response.
Actually I was asking an educated guess about the probability, that my issue will be solved in the future with your approach.
I know that’s a quite difficult / impossible question to answer :wink:

However, your reponse makes me confident, that your workaround will possibly help in most of my startup issues.
So thanks again for your help.