Master Slave RPI3b+ and RPI Zero

Hi All,
I am working on my home automation system and till now I am able to automate one room using RPI 3b+.
I would like to add another room to my list and for this I recently got RPI Zero.
I am searching for some solution where my RPI 3b+ is the master device and RPI Zero will act as slave device.
I am thinking of some method where when I open my Open Hab page on RPI 3b+, it should also have option to view my RPI Zero devices (things, items, etc) and I can control these devices from there itself.
Till now I got some fair idea about MQTT but don’t know how to make it work. Please be noted that I am planning to have them connected via WiFi.

Request you all experts to please guide me on this Topic.

You should only run a single openHAB instance on the master RPi3.
First, you should rethink if the Pi0 is the right actuator for whatever you want control with it. There’s many other devices out there like Sonoff or whole subsystems like ZWave and ZigBee.
If you still want to use the Pi0 then run a script there, talking MQTT to the master Pi.
Check out the links in this post and search the forum for MQTT howtos.