Matrix Creator Receives Zwave Plus Certification

I picked up a Matrix Creator about a year ago and haven’t done much with it.
It is a Raspberry Pi Hat that has an Alexa type microphone array and some other interesting hardware.

They recently received Z-wave Plus certifications and it also has Zigbee radios on it.

Hoping to make this part of my Raspberry Pi based openHAB install soon.

Anyone else have one?

Nice, hadn’t heard about it before.
I don’t see any major point in having a ZWave or ZigBee client inside a Pi (or does it work as a controller ?),
but I have been looking for quite some time now to build my own Alexa/Echo WITHOUT Amazon/Google.
Now that there’s Mycroft, the only missing piece was the microphone array.
I’m a bit too short on time to do it myself, but I would love to see someone to combine these.

It is both a Zwave and Zigbee controller.

Hey. I also purchased one, but so far no success in making z-wave work through openHAB.
Did you manage to add it as a controller?

Did anything come of this?