MAX! binding Actual Temperature Update triggers valve increase

I really like the experimential feature for the actual temperature update in the MAX! binding.
But there is an inconvenient behaviour I noticed.
As the feature increases the set value by 0.5 it can sometimes lead the thermostat to start heating, when it is not necessary with the original set value.
My thought was, that it would be more helpful to decrease the temperature by 0.5. In my opinion a decrease in the valve for a short amount of time has less effect than an increase.
What do you think about that. Did I miss something in my thoughts? Would it be possible to change the behaviour of the feature?

@alena7771 The thing is that somehow the valve needs to move.
That is when the max thermostat is measuring the temperature.
The thought was that increasing the temp has more chance that the thermostat needs to move than going lower.
To change the logic you would need to adjust the binding (compile it yourself)

Thank you for the quick response. On our cube I experienced, that the actual temperature is also updated, if the valve does not move. Here a quick example from our system (yellow line = valve, blue line = actual temperature, green line = set temperature):

I’ll try to do the change myself (never done that in OH3 before) and will write an update in this chat, if the change works.

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