MAX!Binding: Multiple actions with one buttonclick

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i am new and use the actual OpenHab2 and Max!Binding. Is it possible to create 2 buttons per heater - “ON” sets to automatic mode and “OFF” sets manual mode and 0 degrees?

If yes, is it also possible to create these buttons additionally for every heater, so i have 1 click to deactivate or actives every heater in the house?

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You should try to use rules to achieve this functionality (perform “multiple actions with one buttonclick”)

You would define a new Switch (proxy) item (ON/OFF) for each heater and then based on the state of this item, you would send the relevant commands to the Max bound items (mode & temp) using a rule.

You can also group the Switches so that you can control all of them via the Group item.

More info on:
Proxy items: Design Pattern: Proxy Item (read this first :slight_smile:)


these are some great links, thanks! But for me as a beginner there are only more questions. What is the syntax of my postUpdate, for example? Hope someone did something similar and posts some code. Until this i will read the documentations about this topics.