Max! Binding Openhab 2.4


i use the max Binding for a max cube and 10 thermostats. After a couple of hours i see that some of the thermostats lost the connection and they get the status “Status: OFFLINE - COMMUNICATION_ERROR”. In the log file i see, that the actual room temperature is provided and i could see the temperature in the app. But i could provide commands to the thermostat. I dont have an idea what is the problem. Has anyone a similar problem and a solution for that?

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Hi Matthias,

I have this status whenever I start my server while the max cube is running. I did spent couple of nights debugging and diagnosing the issue. Then happen found this. If I restart max cube (power OFF then ON) its back to online and works perfectly. Not sure if its exactly the same problem but worth giving it a try.

Thank you for your reply. This solves for one thermostat. But the otherone also has communication error after restart too. I now try to check logfiles.

If one thermostat is working then very likely openhab is communicating with cube as expected and your issue is not similar to mine. I would start investigating first with opening max application and checking if all thermostats are communicating correctly with cube. If they are not it could be wireless signal issue. Please also keep duty cycle in mind while debugging.

I face the same problem. Did you solve this?