MAX! Boost settings modification from OH2

Hi there,
I would like to be able to change the setting of Boost in the rules, however I don’t find the way to do.
In the original web interface of MAX! Cube you can set what boost does, like boost time and valve opening. this is by default set to 10 min and 80% valve opening. I would like to be able to change it in the rule or via UI in sitemap.

Is that possible?
does it need to implement a new channel? how to do it?

is there any other advice on how to set a specific valve opening on a thermostat?

Thank you.

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This is not possible with the current binding.
It would require to develop the additional channel & commands to send this parameter to the thermostat

note, I believe there is no regular command to specifically set the valve% during regular operation, we send the temperature to the thermostat not the valve%. The workaround might be to always use the boost mode if that mode allows you to set the valve% but you are in untested waters with such a way.

Thanks Marcel!
Indeed the boost allow you to set the valve opening. I do it now by setting the web interface of the MAX!Cube.
This is useful for floor heating or other similar applications hwne you wan to actuate directly the valve.

Hope one day could be implemented.

Thank you for your work.

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Your best shot I think is indeed to use the regular software.

The only other quick solution I see is to send the right command (S command 12) e.g. with the TCP binding to the cube.

See here how to construct the command to send for the boost parameters.