Max! discontinued

From the comments I received to my walkthrough I assume some of you are using the Max! heating system.

ELV/eq3 announced that the system is going to be discontinued and offers a discount for the purchase of homematic items. Here is the full announcement (in German):

Indeed, seems like the end of the road for these MAX! product line… Well, they have not seen any support / updates in the last few years, it is not a great loss.

However, seeing the prices of the Homatic equivalents, they seem to be almost priced double of what was the price of the MAX!. So even with the 50% off, I’m not sure if I’m buying into this one.

Anyone experiences with these Homatic devices. Are they much better than the MAX! ones.
e.g. do they provide more control over the temperature & valve, do they provide the actual temperature all the time (unlike the MAX! ones)?

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