Max (eq-3) wall thermostat specs

Hi guys,

OpenHAB and z-wave is totally new for me. I have a Linux server and I would like to install openhab on it and use it with a z-wave usb stick.
My first project will be a wall thermostat. I found MAX’s products, they seem good and cheap but I found 0 information about what it supports. Z-wave plus? S0? S2?
Do you where can I find these kind of information?



Max! from eQ-3 supports a proprietary protocol, 868,3 MHz! No z-wave, but it’s nearly the same frequency.

Specs you can find here:

It is supported in OpenHAB2, see here.

Thanks, I didn’t know that. So it is not z-wave but I can control it with z-wave stick and openhab right? I wonder is it secure enough? How can I check it? I will read what you sent.

No, you cannot control a Max! device with a z-wave stick! Therefore you need a Max!Cube or a CUL stick.

Oh thanks. It sounds really vulnerable

The manufacturers information:
“Increased security thanks to encrypted, authenticated communication within the network (AES-128) as well as authenticated bidirectional wireless communication with all components.”

But access thru a CUL, the protocol was reverse engineered, such as a radio door opener from a car.

Now I’m completely out of ideas what I should buy as a wall thermostat. I thought it’s z-wave with S2. It was cheap enough to start home automation.

Just to add, S2 s not currently supported by the OH Zwave binding.

Thanks, it seems like I wasn’t reading enough about z-wave and OH