Max EQ3 - Refresh temperature


I’ve configured my Max thermostats and shutter contacts on openhab and everything works (nearly) fine so far.
The problem I have is, that the current (actual_temp) and the wanted temperature (set_temp) are
not refreshed on the sitemap.
So when I change the temp on the thermostat the new temp is not displayed on the sitemap.
When I change the temp on the sitemap the new temp is displayed also on the thermostat?

I’ve read about some workarounds (rules) to change the temperature to trigger a refresh of the
currents temp.
But there must be a better approach to solve this. Does anybody know a solution for this?

Cheers and may thanks,

Are you sure the value is updated but it’s just the display to fail?
MAX! thermostats don’t update the value unless the thermostat physically turns.

This is indeed a ‘feature’ of the max thermostats.There is no real ‘solution’ here as the max thermostats just don’t transmit this info to the Cube. Unless you can develop a firmware that changes this behavior and find a way to flash this onto the them there is no real fix.

The max binding has a setting to ‘refresh’ the actual temperature (marked as experimental) that changes the temperature and changes it back after a few minutes, in the hope to trigger a in actual temp refresh by the thermostat.

Note: set temp changes are mostly communicated pretty fast to openhab… (fast in the sense of <60 seconds is my experience) unless you did lot of changes and exceeded the duty cycle.

Many thanks for the explanations. I’ll try the experimental ‘refresh’ than.

how to enable that ?

In the thermostat settings. Use show more to see the advanced ones

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Seems to be working fine now. Thought I have to spend more money on a better solution.
But that might be not neccessary :wink: