Max Heap Size

Can i increase Max Heap Size that JAVA uses on my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ that i use just for OpenHAB.

Now when i add additional Bindings i get java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space


The short answer is yes, there is a -X option you can pass to the JVM. However, I don’t know if that option exists for Zulu.

However, I’m more concerned there is something wrong. There are people running massive systems and not running it of heap.

How many bindings and Iten’s do you have? How much memory is there OHb process using? Does the memory used grow over time?

It is the ipcamera binding that cause this for me.


Hi @tnemrap have you found solution for the issue? I also started to get out of memory errors for Java heap space with installed ipcamera binding. I guess @matt1 is required to solve the issue. Perhaps there is some bug causing memory leak.

I have done a reply here

In addition I will need help narrowing down how to reproduce this and also what the cause is.

  1. Is it a bug in my binding?
  2. Is it a conflict with another binding?
  3. Is it only happening with certain java version or type? Does Oracle java fix it?
  4. Is the binding using the ITEM framework too often in a way that causes a bug in the framework to appear?
  5. Is there something on the system that stops the garbage cleanup/collectors from running?
  6. Is it only a particular brand/model of camera causing it?

Things like this need to be looked at until the cause is found, only after the cause is found can a fix be looked at.

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