Max System, use Lan Cube or NanoCul?

HI there,
i want to start using OpenHab to make my Home a bit Smarter. I have a couple of eq3 Max Radiator Valves i like to control.
Now i am asking myself if it make a difference if i use the Lan Cube which is shipped with the system or if i build myself a nanoCul. The parts for the nanoCul i have here so this also would be no problem.

The openHAB maxcube binding requires a cube to be there, so better go that direction.
There’s still a maxcul binding around, but it’s a OH 1.X binding. So while it is supposed to run in compaibility mode, it seems there’s noone to update that in the future, so I would avoid it.

Thanks for the info, than i will use the Lan Cube, have two of them, just thought the the NanoCul would have some advantages over them.

I am using MAX with Homegear which works very well. You need homegear running, max module for homegear and a cul. I flashed cul fw directly to the Max Cube itself so you need no extra hardware.

Bevor I migrated to homegear I used the Original MAX Firmware with the original MAX Software and had issues that the MAX Cube lost all Settings from time to time.

With homegear you can use Homatic Binding to connect homegear to OpenHAB.

Could you give a pointer to that firmware you flashed to maxcube please ?
Could it work without homegear, too ?
I don’t have any homegear or HomeMatic stuff but just the MAX! system (and OH, of course)
and I’m suffering from maxcube’s occasional settings loss, too.

I think he could refer to that here called cul@ARM:,38404.0.html
But from what i have read that is a one way street. Once you flashed the cube you cannot go back because there is no decrypted Version of the stock FW.

I had just a quick overview of this thread. Seems after the Flash Ethernet is not working anymore, the Cube than uses USB but it seems to be possible to add more CC1101 so the Cube could be used for 868MHz and 433MHz.

The Link provided is correct, it is part of aculw

It is right, that there is no way back to stock Firmware. But Network is working in latest release which turns the cube into cun Device.
You Need homegear to connect to openhab using Homatic Binding, I run homegear on the same pi as openhap, which is no Problem. Setting up homegear and homatic binding is no magic, I was also new to homegear and I am using it only for MAX. Only drawback to the original MAX Software is configuration of weekplans. Currently I am writing my own graphical Interface for defining weekplans for group of devices, but it is in early state and part much bigger Project which can not easyly be shared.

But using stock software was useless for me since my cube droped all settings evry few weeks.

But maybe MAX Cul Binding is an alternative but I think Problem of configuring week plans is the same, I can not say too much about it. Max Cube Binding itself works perfect as well, but the MAX Cube does not .-(

Here is some tool which creates omegear configuration scripts for Max which I used before I started my own tool:

Hope this helps