Maximum amount of nodes using nRF24L01


At the moment what i have setup is a OpenHAB Controller running on a raspberry pi which is also running MQTT Broker (Mosquitto) and then two arduinos, 1 as a Action node to turn on and off lighting and the other arduino as a Sensor node keeping track of the state of a light switch connected to it as a pushbutton. Everything is working perfectly apart from a little 1 second time delay between pressing the lightswitch and the light coming on. Everything is communicating without fail using nRF24L01 modules.

The question i would like some assistance with is, how many of these nodes can i have connected to the controller. I can see from the datasheet and some research work around the internet that these modules are 6 data pipe MultiCeivers. Does this literally mean i can only have 6 nRF24L01’s talking to each other? If so, i would like to go down the route of having repeaters in my network, so my gateway/controller is talking to 4 repeating gateways, which in turn are then listening to another gateway each, then they are connected to the nodes themselves. Is this possible?

My desired mapping would be as follows:

Could you give your opinions of, am i going about this with the correct and an efficient setup?

This doesn’t appear to be an openHAB question. I recommend a nRF24l01 forum (maybe the mysensors forum, if you are using that software for the radios).

I do apologise, i thought it was relevant to OpenHAB since i would need to be editing the MQTT file on the openHAB controller to accept the radio communication to the OpenHAB controller. I also thought there might be someone in this community that had possibly done what i was attempting too.

Sry for replying that late… Haven’t seen that earlier…

The 6 node limitation is only when letting the NRF seperate packets automatically… If you do addressing in your own protocol (in payload) in software you’re theoretically able to address as much nodes as you’d like to…