Maximum recommended Channel Update frequency


for the binding I am currently developing (for the German Enera project) I get live power consumption data via MQTT. Unfortunately, I can’t control the frequency of these messages which arrive a little faster than 1/s.
Is it advisable to pass these updates through to the channels or should I only send every 10th/30th/… update, maybe with some averaging logic?
Should I leave this in the user‘s hands by making it configurable? If yes, what would be a good standard value?

Thanks for you input!

Frequent Item updates have a knock-on effect, making the events bus busy, and may affect persistence and rules too.
So yes, wise to avoid.

Rest assured whatever you chose would not please everyone.

A configurable filter sounds like a good plan, “every N updates”.

Other bindings implement an “update only if data change” i.e. skip updates that have no real effect, but it doesn’t sound like your data is suitable for that approach.

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