MCO device(s) show as unknow thing type

Hi all,

I’m completely rebuilding my Openhab installation, since I moved houses.
I have the base installed, with a aeon Zwave stick 7

When I’m including my MCOhome devices, they show up as “unknown device”.

The types I’m referring to are:

Touch Panel Switch: MH-S411
Touch Panel Dimmer: MH-DT411

Are these devices already in the database?

Thank you in advance!

Why not checking the docs and the full list of supported devices yourself?

Is listed, the other one not.

The good news is that the missing device can be added to the DB following the blog here: Blog Posts ( There is a MH-DT311 that might be close.

The bad news is that the 7 series controller is not supported. No idea of an ETA.

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I see it is listed, my fault by not checking first. However, the device is not recognized and shows no channels.

I can’t add a device it seems in the database…

Two things
1 You can’t add ( or don’t need to add) a device that is already in the db. Are both devices in the db? Do you have write access already?
2 As noted above the 7 controller won’t work.

At least the one and two button switches are in the DB.
Shall I try my old S2 stick instead? to see if the devices are recognized?


Edit You may have to exclude or factory reset. No sure how attached they became to the 7 stick

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After clearing the things previously recognized and the Zwave controller (zstick gen7) and resetting my “old” S2 zstick controller, I’ve added the controller (S2) to OpenHab. Started the scan and added the 1 and 2 button switches with success.
It was definetely the controller which was the cause of the issue.

THanks for pointing out!
Hope the Gen7 stick will be added soon :wink:

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Hi Bob,

So what is now the correct procedure for requesting a new device in the DB?
I also have a Touch Panel DImmer (DT411) which not recognized / in the DB.


Click on the link in my first post.

Hi Bob,

WHen entering a new device (yes, access was approved :wink: , Do I need to manually fill in all the parameters as well, to complete it?

If you want it to work :wink: After xml upload both parameters and association groups need to be manually added.

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Hi all,

I would like to thank everyone, guiding me the right way.
The issue was two folded:

  1. the Zwave stick gen7 is not yet in the database, hence no new device were correctly recognized.
    After going back to my “old” gen2 stick all devices were recognized except for the Touch Dimmer (DT411)
  2. I’ve filled in all the database entries in the Zwave database as new device, it was accepted and added to the latest binding snapshot. It is now recognized and working!

Thank you all for guiding me in the correct way!
Love this community!