MCP23017 Binding 1.9 interrupt OH 2.2

Hi guy,

I’m new to OH and start with the OH 2.2 on RASPBERRY PI 3B. (Openhabian 1.4)

I want to handle 64 GPIO pins as a Input and another 64 GPIO pins as output to control relays. So, all IO pin count is 128. And as I understand, MCP23017 is the only way to fulfill my need.

But, Right after I copy manually 1.9 jar file of MCP23017 binding to the OH Addons folder, OH whole service interrupted and I can’t access even to paper ui.

So guys, What is the way to accomplish my need.

Honestly, I would use an external Python script to interact with your GPIO pins and set up integration between them using MQTT. In fact, I have done this, though I did it primarily because my GPIOs were not on the same host as my OH server.

Errors in the logs?

There is a known problem with the MCP23017 binding. Some users report that downgrading the kernel resolves the problem.

Thank you very much for the idea. I’ll study your project and will try to get it work that way.
Thank you again.

Thank you for the reply. I tried to install older version of OH. But while installing it is upgrading itself to latest version. May be I should pick out more about it.

Hi, I took your advice and I referred their KB . As a result I could connect IO Pi Plus with my Raspberry Pi via MQTT and control it as expected.

A lot of thank to you for show me the way.