MCP23017 inverted or active low switch?

i am trying to use an mcp23017 with a bunch of relays, and it all seems to work well, but for some reason the relays i use are on when openhab thinks they are off (and initial value seems to be unknown).
i kinda had the same problem when i first connected the relays, directly to my raspberrys gpio, but the binding for that has an option to invert it and set initial value correctly.
is there any way to invert this like activelow initialValue used with the gpio binding?
i see there is supposed to be an option for this, but for some reason merging was rejected on github
also, the default value option seems to ignore whatever it is set to (high or low)…
if it is not possible to fix this within the mcp23017 binding, is there another way for me to invert a switch in openhab, short of making a second switch and a rule to flip it?

any help is appreciated

ok, so i belive i found out what files to edit to inverse this for all pins (wich would be fine in my case), could someone please help me build the jar file and install it with these changes?

if i am right, i belive the edits would just be to inverse high/low in line 111 and 113 here: