I have a little problem.
I need to work on expander mcp23017 via Openhab 1.8.3.
I downloaded latest version of mcp23017 binding (v1.10.0) and it doesn’t work…
I don’t know how to fix it… all gpio pins work on Openhab but that expander still not.
I’ve installed wiringPi and PI4J on my Raspberry Pi 3 B , i’ve made an item in items file and still expander didn’t answer… I realy don’t know what to do…

There is my question. Is there any way to look that binding is running? Need I something else to install?
Or mayby some others add-ons are needed to run this binding correctly?

i’ve some questions:

  1. Is I2C bus support activated on Raspberry?
  2. What output produce “y2cdetect -y 1”?
  3. What happen if you run MCP23017GpioExample from Pi4J library?
    Attention: The example opens MCP23017 on address 21 and not on 20.
  4. What says openhab.log? Is binding load or not?
  1. yes
  2. that my expander is on address 0x20
  3. nothing about it.

I downloaded earlier version of that binding and everything work.

Cool :slight_smile: