MCZ Pellet Stove with Maestro technology

Hi Everybody,

Just a heads- up that I successfully integrated my MZC Musa (Maestro equipped) pellet stove in Openhab :slight_smile:

It’s possible to do everything the official app does inside of Openhab. So, change the temperatures setpoints, turn on and off, read all parameters like fume temperature etc.

This is the link to the python script i’m using to control my stove.
It might be usefull for somebody else, I sure hope so.

( You can control the stove via MQTT json messages, so its actually not an openhab integration per se )

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The MCZ App doesnt work good. So i want to use my openhab to use the Pellet stove because i lose the Connection with the App all few days.

Why i need a Raspberry Pi die Connection with the stove?
I usw the stove only with remote Connection because i can use the stove from outsite the flat.

Its possible to use the Python Script over remote without a Raspberry direktly ob the openhab System? Maybe with an usb wlan Stick?

Many thanks for this component. I integrated it in my home assistant setup. Did you ever figure out how to control the profiles? I would like to switch between silent and confort mode using the gateway. However, when I use the silent_mode command it goes automatically to manual.