Mdns not working after network reconnection

Hi. I’m running openHAB 3.2 milestone in a docker container (network mode: host), on a raspberry pi. Furthermore I am running homekit integration.
I read already a lot about the mdns of the homekit integration vs openHAB’s own mdns service. Well, basically no matter which mdns I use, it’s working all fine apart one specific use case:
During the night I have my Ubiquiti switches running updates and so sometimes it might happen that the switch is rebooting. In that particular situation homekit does not find back the openHAB hub (regardless if I am using openHAB’s mdns or the homekit integration’s mdns).
When I toggle from one mdns option to another (in the homekit integration settings UI), homekit will start to discover the accessories again.

So I thought that something is wrong with mdns … looks like the service becomes unresponsive after the pi loses network connection.
Unfortunately I cannot test if this might be related to the docker container or something else and I must admit that I don’t really know where I should start troubleshooting the mdns service.

Anyone else having this issue?