MDT AKD-0424V.02 Tunable White writing values directly by "Number" via channels to ga


I have a lot of MDT AKD-0424V.02 Tunable White LED dimmers. These have the possibility to directly set the brigthness and colour temperature. I have defined the bridge, things and items for it.

Setting the colour temperature (DE: Farb Temperatur) works fine. UI, via Items, channels, devices and bridge generate KNX telegrams as expected.
Setting the Brightness (DE: Helligkeit) does NOT work at all. No Telegrams are generated.

Since i do not want to use the “Dimmer” for this (200 reasons :slight_smile: ) and thus stick to the Number on Channels and Items … => What am I doing wrong, is there a solution?

Enclosed the config and all data in the picture:

The lower 3 parts of the picture are: ETS5 part defining, the ETS5 busmonitor log and the “tail -f /var/log/openhab/openhab.log /var/log/openhab/events.log” corresponding to the busmonitor log => Brightness (Helligkeit) Telegramms are missing in the ETS 5 busmonitor.