Measure DC current indirectly (without amending the wiring)

In an effort to have constant health and performance check for each of my individual solar panels, I would like to put a clamp on each of the leads and measure the DC current.

Thus I am looking for a device that would allow me to measure 12 channels of DC current indirectly (with a clamp/hall effect sensor).

I am happy to integrate whichever feasible technology there is, my main automation backbone is KNX though.

More details about the motivation: My system is split into 3 strings, one on each separate MPPT charge controller. I can see what the power generation is for each of them, however, I cannot see if any of the individual solar panels may be underperforming. Solar panels are all connected in parallel within each string and all the wires connect in a convenient distribution box where I could add the hall effect sensors for each wire.

EDIT: Effectively I am looking for something like this x12, without the voltage measurement but with accessible data