Measure power produced by solar system

I have a couple of these Fibaro Wall Plugs and was wondering if the can measure power if they are utilised ‘backwards’ for e.g. a solar system producing power and feeding it into the wall socket?

Has anybody had this working with succes? I don’t want to mess to much about with 230V so trying is not a favourite option in this case…

Otherwise, I might stick an old Ferrarismeter in but requires manual input into a database of some sort…

That feels like it would end in tears.

What kind of solar system is this, that you are proposing just to stick into a wall socket? Why can’t you communicate with that?

Well, yet to be determined. Wasn’t up to me to choose the system and/or design. Some of these inverters just have a wall plug, others are feeding directly into the circuit.

Quit a few of these inverters however, measure power at what comes in and not what goes out. And the difference can be a lot as well. Hence the thought a putting a meter at the ‘delivery end’ of things :slight_smile:

I own a plug-in solar systme that is connected directly to a wall plug. Ich use a sonoff Pow to measure the power from the solar system.

There are not many devices out the that work in reverse order. With your zwave devices you could give it a try.

Ich use a sonoff Pow to measure the power from the solar system.

Doesn’t sound like a bad idea since you need to hook these up manually…

I’ll have a look what I am going to do in the future with it :slight_smile: