Measuring ionizing radiation

I know that is not some standard equipment for a smart home system, but there are very affordable kits that work very well. Also measuring gamma radiation is cool :slight_smile:

This is a good place where I could reach many people that can connect the readily available kit with their home automation systems and also provide the data to the public so we can have a better picture world-wide.

I modified some of the existing code available online and uploaded it on git:

It is based on Arduino and ethernet module that publish the data to MQTT

I will provide more technical details there but keed this thread for communication/question. This topic was created after some people were inspired by my screenshot here

There is a free site where you can publish the data from your measurements too:

As long as there’s no proper way to calibrate the device, I don’t know what to achieve with the measurements!?

The geiger coutner kit should be calibrated. There is a potentiometer that should be ajdusted with a small screwdriver.

I will add instructions to adjust the voltage so you will have proper measurements. It is just hard to compare the results produced by two devices using different tubes as they “see” different part of the spectrum.