Measuring the time a lamp is switched on

I have a crazy idea. Well, maybe not that crazy at all…

I would like to measure for each and every lamp I have in my house the time the lamp is switched on. Like this, once the lamp is broken (end of life, defect, whatever) I can know the exact real lifetime of that particular lamp (how many hours did the lamp really burn).

Might be interesting for statistics or, who knows, to complain to the seller if the lamp didn’t do what is mostly promised on the packing with respect to lifetime (in hours)…

Any idea how to tackle such request in a rule?

I don’t have direct ideas, but for that purpose counting turn-on events would be interesting too. Bound to involve persistence service, if you do not yet have one/some.

And you’d want individual ‘reset’ buttons for hourmeter/counter ?

Example hourmeter

The “reset” buttons would, for a start, only be needed for the cases where a lamp has to be replaced. But of course, should I find or get a way to accomplish my “crazy idea”, extensions on that would for sure come in due time.

I’ll have a look at the hours counter you mentioned, thanks for the link!